Woodwind Camp Chef WIFI 36 with Sear Box


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Want more Woodwind to love? You asked for it and we delivered-a 36-inch Woodwind. Now equipped with a PID and WIFI enabled controller, you'll be able to change the temperature, set timers, and receive notifications when your meat reaches your set temperature-all from the palm of your hand. Cook more food, enjoy your new-found free time, and taste the difference by customizing your Smoke Number on the Camp Chef Connect App. With the same award winning features like Slide and Grill Technology, Pellet Cleanout, Smart Smoke Technology, Ash Kickin' Cleanout, AND an included Sear Box. this one's a no brainer.


* New, WIFI PID controller automatically maintains cooking temperature
* Camp Chef Connect App compatible
* 160°F up to 500°F temperature range for slow smoking to grilling (25,000 BTU)
* Four stainless steel meat probes
* Ash Kickin' Cleanout system
* Slide and Grill Technology's Direct Flame grilling reaches 650°F (patent pending)
* Smart Smoke Technology with 10 smoke level settings
* Stainless steel fire box
* Enamel-coated upper and lower grill grates
* Heavy duty 50mm legs
* Bottom utility shelf
* Grease management system
* Updated 22 lbs. pellet hopper with clean out purge
* Swivel caster wheels
* Pellet hopper window
* Cord wrap handle
* Bottle opener
* Protective controller cover


* Stainless steel construction
* Enamel-coated cast iron grilling grates
* Raised ribs for distinct grill marks
* Propane burner for high heat
* Propane tank holder included
* Grease management system with drip tray
* Built-in ignition for easy lighting
* Heat diffuser plates for infrared cooking
* Reaches temperatures up to 900° F
* 16,000 BTUs/Hr. stainless steel burner
* Easily replaces existing side shelf with existing holes and hardware
* Fits under patio cover


* Upper Rack Area: 573 sq. in.
* Lower Rack Area: 663 sq. in.
* Total Rack Surface Area: 1236 sq. in.
* Chamber Capacity: 7,000 cubic in.
* Hopper Capacity: 22 lbs. of pellets
* Overall Height: 43.5 in.
* Overall Weight: 177 lbs.
* Warranty: 3 years


* Searing Area Dimensions: 11.5 in. x 16 in.
* Total Surface Area: 184 sq. in.
* Overall Weight: 34 lbs.
* Overall Height: 11 in.
* Total Output: 16,000 BTUs/Hr. Burner
* Propane Tank not included
* Propane tank not included

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