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About Pellet Grills Galore

Pellet Grills Galore is a pellet grill store in El Cajon, CA. We carry a full line of Green Mountain grills, Louisiana grills, Camp Chef grills, Lumberjack pellets, Green Mountain pellets, rubs, sauces, grill accessories, and much more.

We offer BBQ classes to those looking to learn how to BBQ pulled pork, brisket, and ribs on a pellet grill. 

We provide grill masters with expert information.

We provide a secure way to order pellet grills, grills supplies, and accessories. Browse our website, call us, or visit us today for all of your grill needs.

Pellet grills have easier temperature control, which helps prevent flareups. Pellet grills are much safer than charcoal or gas grills and some are HOA approved. The food made on a pellet grill has greater flavor. You can just set it and forget it. Some pellet grills come with Wi-Fi, which allows a profile to be run through a smart phone. A profile is a preset timing and temperature adjustment schedule for specific meats or meals to create a perfect cook. The profile function makes grilling simplified. Now that’s—Set it and forget it!
You've come to the right place! We have the largest selection of in-store pellet grills in San Diego County. Once a month, we present, “The Pellet Grill Revolution Demo Day.” It provides Customers an opportunity to taste delicious foods BBQ’d on the pellet grills. Foods ranging from ribs, pulled pork, brisket and even smoked deviled eggs! We also have one-on-one, pre-grill purchase, and instructional grill demos. Come on in to our store and let us help you make your first pellet grill purchase.
At Pellet Grills Galore, we have a wide variety of pellet grills to choose from and customize to your needs and preferences. Our grills handle all BBQ needs from smoking to sizzling searing high temps. Some grills start smoking as low as 150° to as high as searing temperatures of 600° and some even flame broil. There are Wi-Fi models that help you monitor your cook right from the couch. The benefit of Wi-Fi grilling is it allows you to run profiles that do step-by-step and timed cooks. We are available in-store to help you determine the best grill for you as you explore our large selection of pellet grills.
All the spices and rubs we offer have a specific purpose for enhancing the flavors of anything cooked on the BBQ. We personally tasted and tested each spice and rub available before adding it to our collection. Being passionate grillers, We are always on the lookout for the next amazing flavors to bring to our customers. There’s no way to choose a select few out of our huge collection, because we highly recommend all the spices and rubs.

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